Project Description


We TIS bring on awareness about and provide services in the field of protective coating inspection in Viet Nam. Target to be a leader in the field in Viet Nam, the TIS also lends its expertise to a large number of projects abroad. Its diligent staff has worked in a variety of areas relating to a protective coating including but not limited to investigation and audit, coating consultation, witness and certification, defecting and failure analysis, galvanizing, insulation and rubber lining, tank lining, etc. The fields of work are as diverse as power plants, oil refineries, pipelines, marine in offshore as well as onshore environments.

We are pioneers in the field of coating inspection in Viet Nam, providing experienced, highly skilled and NACE / SSPC/ CSWIP BGAS, FROSIO Level 2 & 3 certified inspectors in the field of Protective Coating, Painting & Corrosion. Our prime aim is to carry out independent 3rd party inspection work and certify the project.

The scope of coating is basic follows and still open for researching as chloride test, surface profile measurements, wet and dry film thickness measurement, JFC, Coating inspection, Lining Inspection, Pickling & passivation Inspection, Air Compressor Blotter Test, Chloride Testing / Bresle Bresle Patch Method, Surface Dust Test, Surface Cleanness Test

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