Project Description


The vast and long of project consist of high technical and requirement to ask about the Quality Control Coordinator discipline, the QCC will be going to control/ spirit to be direct to the inspection team, and really he is increasing the demands of material, equipment, fabrication and workmanship control within modern construction and manufacturing industries, and with increasing changes in legislation and application standards and technical specification, it is recognized that a need exists for a formal Quality Control Coordinator.

Here, We TIS handed on the large manpower, you could totally find the candidate as you are wishing, the roles and points of QCC are basically mandated in need for your first choice:

  • Over 10 years’ experience, construction QC experience, bachelor’s degree in construction management, engineering, or equivalent combination of training and experience.
  • Proficient in MS-based software including Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. Qualification: CSWIP 3.2, AWS CWI/SCWI, API certification, ASNT, PCN, NACE, BGAS…
  • Good level of communication skills
  • HSE/PTW/Auditing system understanding
  • Establish and monitor Project Quality KPIs through each phase.
  • Quality/Welding procedures/method/checklist/NCR/Other forms to be reviewed and implemented
  • Experience of managing Contractor
  • Familiarity with industry standard codes such as API, AWS, ASME, BS-EN, and DNV.

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